Major Graphic Enhancement

One of the issue that has arisen with the features on the site increasing is difficulty finding items later. A second issue is making things clearer for the non-technical person to understand if there is or is not an issue. If you are on the far left or far right of any of these chart — there is likely an issue.

I have just pushed an uber-page up which will display over 280 potential measures on microbiome samples — all measures are shown on charts with the values of other people who have shared their samples. If you are logged on, your values will be shown on the charts. All of these charts are on the same page, , but they contain different types of data.

I also switched to log(values) for the charts because of some extreme values. The key issue is not the number, but where you are compared to other samples. Using a log does not alter that.

At the top of the page you can select WHAT you wish to look at, and which sample.


Just select the condition that you are interested in.

My sample when the ME/CFS relapse started. Earlier I was much further the left.

End Products

This is a count of the bacteria that produces various end products. The information is incomplete (list is here).

Low of end product has been associated with ME/CFS

uBiome Metabolites

This is an artifact set of charts from those that transcribed they data from uBiome. Their “1.0” for reference samples is totally suspect. These charts should indicate if you have an abnormal amount (far left or right).

Bacteria Ratios

I have included two ratios (and may add more upon request).

Taxa Counts in Reports

This was done earlier as ‘Quality of Sample’. It also gives an indication on the number of bacteria test for by various companies

Clearly, Thryve tests for more bacteria!

Bottom Line

There are a lot of charts but they are consolidated on one page with the ability to just scroll down and look at your sample values for each.