Dave Berg Talk #4

Interview with David Berg David Berg is the Director and Cofounder, with Lois Hill Berg, of HEMEX Laboratories. Along with Dr. Harold Harrison and several clinical collaborators, they have developed the idea of the hypercoagulation/ immune system activation of coagulation theory in chronic diseases, a proposed cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, and have […]

Hemex Protocol and Dave Berg

This is the parent page of the material still surviving about the Hemex protocol before it was purchased at the retirement of David Berg. Talks Aug 29 1999 July 16th, 2000 Town Hall #3 Town Hall #4 TREATMENT FOR CFS/FM PATIENTS  March 24, 2000 SUGGESTED   TREATMENT   PROTOCOLS FOR  CFS / FM  PATIENTS 1 Heparin Time […]

Dave Berg – CFS Radio Program 1999-08-29

CFS Radio Program August 29th, 1999 Roger G. Mazlen, M.D., Host with Dr. David Berg Dr. Mazlen I’m excited to tell you that we have a very important guest today, live from Phoenix, AZ, Dr. David Berg. David is Director of Hemex Laboratories. He has a graduate degree in clinical pathology. He’s been a medical […]