Decreasing Victivallis Genus

DataPunk.Net Data Lentisphaerae -> Lentisphaeria -> Victivallales -> Victivallaceae -> Victivallis Nothing PubMed Data There are  7+ studies on pubmed Disease Associated with genital-tract disease in cattle. [2015] Diet “In pure culture, strain CelloT could only grow on a variety of sugars. Glucose was converted to acetate, ethanol and H2. ” [2003] Prebiotics Probiotics Antibiotics common antibiotics appear to increase it [2012] ” […]

Reducing Streptococcus genus

This was an interesting post to draft.  Before I started doing uBiome analysis, the evidence suggested that Staphylococcus aureus was likely a key bacteria. “Maintainer Post -Jan 2016” and “A forgotten treatment post Jan 2016“.  The evidence suggests that it is not for most CFS patients. For a few it is (like one analysis that […]

Overview of this Blog and the Microbiome

My ideas on this blog have evolved, as more and more information becomes available. This post is an attempt to bring readers up to date with my current thinking. I am striving to be transparent in my logic — showing the evidence I am working from, and my thought processes. Notes to Treating Physicians Microbiome Definition […]

Another uBiome for a MCS person

Patient Summary “67 now, MCS started in 1982 Universal reactor is a good term for me, not only did I over-react to a huge variety of odors and foods but I could over-reacted to almost everything I ate or smelled and I reacted in other senses too. Touching the wrong thing could result in the […]

Post #700 – Roles in Treating CFS

This is my 700th post and at the same time, a reader asked “Ken I’m writing my final degree project in CFS and I would like to know, in some phrases, what you think about the role of “official medicine” in the treatment of the disease. What’s your goal with the blog and how it […]

Summary of Lipkin Analysis

As readers know, I have been on a deep dive into the results reported by Lipkin etc, doing one post a day on each of their findings over the last two weeks. The goal was to find patterns of what will help correct the shift. Below are my limited findings — based on very very […]

Genetic Thick Blood Tests for CFS.

Back in 1999, Dave Berg (Hemex Labs) publised “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) &/or Fibromyalgia (FM) as a Variation of Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS): An Explanatory Model and Approach to Laboratory Diagnosis. and stated “We have found that 3 out of 4 CFS &/or FM patients have a genetic deficiency”. A reader wrote yesterday: “I have APS.  […]