Change of formula for Prescript Assist

NOTICE: THIS POST HAS BEEN ALTERED DUE TO THREAT OF LEGAL ACTION. See communications received in comments. There has been a change of formula for Prescript Assist.  This makes the existing documentation on the benefit of Prescript Assist for IBS questionable. Prior Page with links to studies. Over half of the prior species have been removed […]

Old formula Prescript Assist is available for your dog and cat….. maybe….

A reader passed along a link to this pet product. If you examine the list of bacteria, you will see if matches the original formula. Cost?  $40 for 50 capsules ($0.80 per capsule) or $499 for 1000 ($0.49 per capsule). Site On it is 120 capsules for $55 ($0.46 per capsule) — BUT THE LISTED […]

Prescript Assist — probiotic for IBS

The Prescript-Assist Broad Spectrum Probiotic Prebiotic Complex is very unusual, and appear very applicable to IBS, CFS, FM patients. It is described at this UK site as well as at (but not It contains none of the usual bacterias! Warning The original formula has changed by 50%, the studies cited do no apply to the new product. For […]

uBiome Results #7 Summary

I took a dozen results from readers of this blog. Some have CFS diagnosis, some have IBS, some have something. There was no filtering to specific symptoms, diagnostic criteria, etc.  As a statistician, I would expect a need to cluster them to get meaningful results. To my surprise, these random people reading my blog had […]