Stress microbiome and Transient Ischemic Attack

I had a chat with a work colleague this week, his wife like mine, has suffered from Transient Ischemic Attack induced by stress. This post explores what we know from medical literature about these two things. An excellent starting point is an article release yesterday: How stressed-out gut bacteria may trigger autoimmune response, Neuroscience News, […]

ubiome followup

This ubiome sample was done a week after my last posting. Some interesting things happened during the week: Changes I stopped taking 100-150 BCFU per day (because Lactobacillus et al ) were not at the top of suggestions Changed probiotics to Bacillus Coagulans (Digestive Advantages) instead of Bacillus Clausii (Enterogermina) Stopped supplementing with Potassium Citrate, […]

Treating myalgic encephalomyelitis with little information

Myalgic encephalomyelitis is a complex disease, likely the most complex known by several magnitudes. The symptom list is massive. Looking for clustering at the patient level finds a vast array of sensitivities that makes one plan for everyone impossible, but even a dozen plans are improbable to be sufficient. Typically, A helps one, A hurts […]

A IT Reader’s Medical Challenges

I usually avoid getting too involved with readers — for a simple reason: this blog and the microbiome analysis site is already a time consuming evening and weekend gig (full time IT day job). I am not a physician or medically trained, so “patient history” is an inappropriate term to use. This reader came via […]