This website is my third pass on sharing models and experience about CFS/FM/IBS etc. I am not providing medical advice.

All information on this site should be review with your knowledgeable medical professional before implementing. If you do not have a knowledgeable medical professional, you should seek one out. My favorite questions to test MD’s knowledge are:

  1. What is Mutaflor?
    It is a E.Coli Nissle 1917 probiotic
  2. What is Nattokinease and what does it do?
    It is fibrinolytic enzyme that comes from Natto, a Japanese dessert foor
  3. Which type of brain scan is likely to find the most abnormalities in a CFS patient: MRI or SPECT
    SPECT – almost 5 mores abnormalities are seen than with MRI


I have attempted to include links to supplements/products that appear to be the best buy. CFS patients often do not shop wisely for supplements. They will often buy supplements that may be obtained at 75% less cost. My preferred source is Amazon (US and UK links). The links do include an associate tag, this does not result in higher costs to the purchaser and results in a small commission that is directed to local patients or organizations. For example, it helped paid for gluten free pizzas for a meeting of a Seattle CFS group recently.


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