Piracetam tend to be the most under utilized supplement for CFS/FM. The modes of action of piracetam and most of its derivatives remain an enigma, but we known that it impacts glutamate receptors. Glutamate dysregulation plays a significant role in CFS and FM, as well as mental fatigue. A 2011 study found genetic mutations (SNPs) of GRIK2 and NPAS2 appear to be involved with CFS [study].

Piracetam have decreased the severity of depression and fatigue in CFS Patients in studies. In normal people, it lowers depression and anxiety. It improves cognitive deficits/disabilities and reduces brain fog. It also reduces or correct psycho-emotional disorders. It easily passes into the brain.

Red blood cell deformity has been reported for CFS. It is one of very few supplements that have been demonstrated to reduce this. It reduces the effects of hypoxia (low oxygen delivery to the brain), skin color will often return.

On the coagulation vector for CFS and Lyme, it has significant impact.

  • Reduces platelet aggregation
  • Inhibits thromboxane synthetase or anti-thromboxane A2
  • Reduces von Willebrand’s factor and fibrinogen

I have seen CFS patients that were unable to add a column of numbers without great difficulty change in just 15 minutes to become math wizard (not only add quickly but suddenly able to understand algebra!).

In terms of risk, it appears to be far safer than aspirin and most herbs.

In this house we have 1 kilo of powder piracetam sitting on the shelf (cheapest way). Before you go to such large stockpiles, you should try a short course. In some parts of Europe it is still prescription (and often the first drug of choice for stroke). For many years, I got my supply from a friend in the Czech Republic where it was over the counter(“Nootropil” and “Lucetam”).

As usual, buying in bulk and making your own capsules reduces the cost by 50% or more.

Headache Warning!

Headaches can occur if you are low on choline   see: