Why Contributions?

This site has been running since 2012 on WordPress.com and has over 1300 researched posts. It has spawned additional sites, Microbiome Prescription and blogs. Microbiome Prescription is not a blog, but a massive database doing citizen science and curated studies. It allows information to be current and constantly updated from new studies — which is not practical to do with almost 1400 blog posts.

The sites are not free, nor supported by advertisements – there are regular bills to pay.

I have funded these sites and associated blogs out of my own pocket for over 8 years. I do not intend to make it a for-profit site, I prefer it not to become a for-poverty site. I am also moving into semi-retirement (with its drop in income)

As I add new features to Microbiome Prescription, I am putting the new features behind a paywall while giving a free access to all users of the older features.

The occasional user will get what they need free that way, and long time/heavy user can contribute to the cost of providing the service.

What I do?
  • Review new PubMed studies
  • Import data sources
  • Apply data science to data to derive novel suggestions

Donations may be done via PayPal above or Donation by Amazon Gift Card (Email: Ken@Lassesen.com; Site Amazom.com (US) Currency: US$).

Any surplus above operating costs will be directed to microbiome tests and supplements for those with limited means. I work in Information Technology with an adequate income.

Donations from users with accounts on Microbiome Prescription will have their premium membership extended for one year. See this post.