I cannot recommend dosages, that would be practicing medicine. I can repeat dosages used in studies that had positive results and provide the source for you to discuss with your MD or other professional that can practice medicine.

Basic Supplements —

Can be taken continuously

For the above, start at 1/8 of the target dosage and double it every two days as long as there is not a reaction. These may be taken continuously (Your vitamin D3 levels should be checked after 3 months and the dosage adjusted). Do no expect overnight changes — likely 4-6 weeks.


Because some probiotics do not play well with others. Lactobacillus probiotics actually are effective killers of many of the under growth good bacteria  seen in IBS/FMS/IBS and should be avoided .Take these one by one for 2-3 weeks and then move to the next one. The first ones appear to have the high probability of improvement according to studies. There are no studies (that I aware of) for positive results for CFS, but there are several for IBS , see this Blog Post.

  • Prescript Assist – 80+% remission rate for IBS at 1 year after a 2 week course
  • Align – 20% improved, dosage: 1 x 10(8) cfu i.e. 100 Million CFU
  • Symbioflor-2 – 18% responded, with children 90+%
  • Mutaflor – weak improvement for a subgroup only

There are two others that in theory are promising, and there have been positive patient reports: Myrasian (Clostridium butyricum) – which has positive studies for diarrhea and GeneralBiotics Equilibrium (which uses a similar approach to Prescript Assist).

My own preference for sequence order is: Prescript Assist, Myrasian, Symbioflo-2, Equilibrium, Mutaflor, Symbioflor-2 WITH Mutaflor, Align. Approximately 21 weeks sequence (5 months). Starting at a low dosage when practical and ending at twice the recommended dosage (i.e. therapeutic dosing) is my personal preference.

Note/Warning: Headaches, bloating etc are the start of each probiotic is normal and several of the above probiotics have package inserts warning of this.

Ramping up

The following are suspected or reported to improve the efficiency (bigger herx, or need to sleep more) of the above:

  • Symbioflor-2 taken with Mutaflor
  • Symbioflor-2 or Mutaflor taken with MSM (METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE), a source for Sulphur — there are vegetables that are also source
  • Prescript Assist with d-Ribose

Herbs Potentators

Genistein appears to disable defense mechanisms for some bacteria against herbs and spices. First try the herbs, then add it in slowly.

Recommended herbs are Tulsi, Neem and Turmeric (with 1% black pepper added). Personally, we make “00” capsules from organic herbs purchased in bulk off Amazon. Very cheap per capsules. We have done 6-8 “00” capsules per day. See “Where do we go from here posts). Take only one herb at a time to start (take the same one for 7-14 days) . One capsule to start and then double every 2nd day. If adverse or confusing reaction starts — pause or decrease or stop.