During my 3rd onset, I was treated by Dr. Kim Iller while she was working with Dr. Marty Ross, MD [Healing Arts Partnership]. She is friendly towards the bacteria-dysfunctional model for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She has since left Healing Arts and set up Functional Medicine NW.

8010 15th Avenue NW
Suite D
Seattle WA 98117
Phone: (206) 317 – 4257
Fax: (206) 518-9225

Before prescribing antibiotics,using the tests that are available (but are not ideal) we tested for Chronic Lyme (which are usually positive for CFS). This provided justification for the use of antibiotics.

I find her to be caring, open minded and willing to enter dialogs on treatment approaches with patients.

Also, she bills Medical Plans (at least some of them).