After I posted about Prescript-Assist probiotic, a local CFS friend dug into some of the bacteria listed [I have not had time] and discovered that one of them was used commercially to product B12.

The pseudomonas denitrificans (P.Dent) “produces Vitamin B12 in great quantities….This
particular microbe is the main commercial producer of the vitamin. Without
vitamin B12 in one’s diet, a person may develop pernicious anemia.” [Source]

The other known B12 producer is Lactobacillus Reuteri which I covered in a prior post.

P.Dent has been known since at least 1969 to produce B12. Over 30 articles on P.Dent and B12 are on PubMed..

Another benefit of P.Dent. is that it does denitrification which may benefit the reactive nitrogen species reported in CFS.

Bottom line: Both Lactobacillus Reuteri and Prescript-Assist should be used by any person with low B-12 levels.