Treatment for CFS/FM/IBS has  two paths:

  • Symptom mitigation
  • Remission seeking

Symptom treating means treating for things like coagulation, pain, etc. It makes living with it less painful.

Remission seeking means trying to end what is causing the coagulation, cytokines production, etc.  Ending living with it. Often this route results in a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction which may go on for days, weeks or months. My primary interest is remission.

Treatment Reasoning and Background

I suggest that the items below should be read, especially, for the brain fog. The following four links (3 to Health Rising) should explain the model and experience that I had:

The next item is a starting point post, that suggests a starting point.


The first thing to realize is that Lactobacillus Acidophilus is NOT a friend to CFS patients. You want to avoid it whenever possible. Heresy – no argument from me. L.A. works well for healthy individuals. For CFSers it makes a bad situation worst.

The following probiotics are very likely to have positive effects (especially if you have IBS concurrent with CFS):

In addition to the above, Dental Oral Probiotics are recommended (again, avoid any  with L.A.)

This will give you a starting point on the journey…