This is a series of video to explain and demonstrate the analysis tools available on Microbiome Prescription for a large number of symptoms and medical diagnosis, including: IBS, GERD, SIBO, dysbiosis, UC, Crohn’s diseases, FM, CFS, Parkinson’s and most autoimmune conditions.

There is a special series on Autism that worked off lab results to better identify bacteria that are connected with conditions. See Detailed Videos on Autism Microbiome Analysis.

Lesson 1 Introduction (50min)

Overview (16min)

Lession 2 (52min)

Lession 3 (46min)

Lession 4 (60min)

Lession 5 (25 min) Note: feature suggested at end has been added.

Lession 6 (48min)

Lession 7 (36 min)

Overview of Recipes (38 min)

Home Cooking — building your own recipe