Using Chlorine Dioxide

Recently I start corresponding with a CFS patient that has been successfully using Chlorine Dioxide to suppress the infections/symptoms successfully. The problem she was encountering was that the moment that she stops, the infection/symptoms flares.

During my prior flare (11 years ago), I also used Chlorine Dioxide as an adjunct to antibiotics that I was taking. Chlorine dioxide tablets are a standard part of hiking kits to purify water from streams. It kills most bacteria and creatures in the water.

It was interesting to read that with this alone, she had good success with symptom suppression  My use was as an adjunct to antibiotics.

One of her questions, was whether taking Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (GG)  would counter it. She found a UK source containing just GG. Her concern was whether GG would neutralize the Chlorine Dioxide because GG is an antioxidant. IMHO, it will not — however, the Chlorine Dioxide will likely kill the GG…. oops!  There are no reports of eating yogurt while hiking and using chlorine dioxide tablets results in the tablets not being effective.

Suppression versus Elimination

It was interesting to note that Chlorine Dioxide tablets alone, was an effective suppressor but did not eliminate. It also appear to support the model that CFS symptoms for many is originating in the gut bacteria. It suggests that there may have a prophylactic role for this with recovered CFS patients whenever they have a flu or other infection. It may reduce the odds of the CFS gut flora alteration becoming established.

So, how do you go for elimination? IMHO, there are three routes: via the use of antibiotics OR via herbs used in Ayurveda medicine that have been demonstrated by scientific studies to eliminate probable overgrowth, or doing both at the same time. I will quote from my favorite paper on the herbs (2009)

“Ethanol extracts of Terminalia chebula and Ocimum sanctum exhibited antibacterial activity against Klebsiella pneumoniae. Ethanol extract of Cinnamomum cassia showed maximum antibacterial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa while ethanol extract of Azadirachta indica and Ocimum sanctum exhibited antibacterial activity against Enterococcus faecalis.”

For each of these bacteria, the powder or pill is easily available in bulk on Amazon or elsewhere.

The question now becomes dosage and the herx.  I recently wrote to medical professional friend that is very interested in my explorations, “These herbs kick ass — oops,   kick-head. In therapeutic dosages, massive continuous headaches for the first week…”

The dosages that I was taking slowly increased to 3 gms of each a day that was maintained for 2 weeks, then stopping. I stopped probiotics when I started (since most of them would be killed off), and then resume when the pulse was over.  My own positives responses within the first week were stopping of hypersomnia (I was sleeping 10-11 hrs/day), significant improvement in ability to learn and think, and lastly, I started to feel like “my old self”. The negative responses were nasty headaches, stool changed significantly, and if I farted, everyone in the house suddenly decided to take a walk… REMEMBER, the above was what I did after it was reviewed by my (very) knowledgeable medical professional, as always, any change of supplements should be discussed with your medical professional.

Remember, alteration of gut bacteria will usually impact one set of symptoms. It seems that set of symptoms is connected to specific species of bacteria. There appear to be many different species and families involved.