Twelve pills for Christmas…

This Christmas I sent a care package of various supplements to a CFS friend that is on SSI and having been having increasing problems. He is interested in my gut-bacteria model of CFS as well as needing neurological improvement.

Before sending the pills, I told him that he must run them past his medical professional before starting. There are always drug interactions etc. that are risks…

Often medical professional have no idea of what sequence to add various pills in. I tend to keep to the “no more than one new item every day (or even three days)” philosophy.  To assist his medical professional, I put together the sequence that seems to make the most sense (and why) below. It may be of interest to other readers’ discussions with their medical professionals. The goal is to have high risk of herx items later in the list and items likely to reduce inflammation (degree of herx) earlier in the list. The intent is not to send him to a herx-hell too fast!

4Olive Leaf ExtractProtects brain, will impact some gut bacteria

Day Supplement Why
1 Prepare water using chlorine water purification tablets. (i.e. Katadyn Micropur tablets or equivalent) It will reduce several over growths. Some CFS patients have found it effective to reduce symptoms
2 Boswellia Reduce inflammation, improves blood flow, protects brain
3 Piracetam Improves blood flow, protects brain
4 Licorice (in warm milk if possible) Anti-inflammatory, alters gut bacteria
5 Aswanganda Anti-inflammatory, protects brain, reduces some gut bacteria
6 Magnesium Malate Encourage growth of some low bacteria, reduce inflammation
7 EDTA (herx risk: ♦) Breaks down biofilms
8 NAC (herx risk: ♦) Breaks down biofilms
9 Olive Leaf Extract (herx risk: ♦♦) Protects brain, will impact some gut bacteria
10 Tulsi (herx risk: ♦♦♦) Effective against one of the overgrowth bacteria
11 Neem (herx risk: ♦♦♦) Effective against another of the overgrowth bacteria
12 Grape Seed Extract Reduce coagulation


  • For chlorine tablets, after mixing 1 tablet in 1 qt of water, allow it to rest in a dark cupboard for 30 minutes. Keep it in a dark cupboard so minimize the breakdown.
  • The ideal on day 13 or after a 7-10 pulse has ended, would be the addition of Mutaflor, Lacobacillus Reuteri, etc

I expect him to have a good headache and other signs of herx as he goes through the list (after approval by medical professional). When a herx starts, it is often best to stop adding more stuff until the herx ebbs (usually 4-7 days). If the herx gets too severe, stop the last item and wait 4 days before starting the next item. Often the herx will be a lot less severe on a second round/pulse.