Flu may actually cause CFS in some….

It is almost a year since I had flu that cascaded into a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome relapsed. As the symptoms appeared, I proceeded with the full range of items (as I then understood the syndrome) with success in delaying having to stop working for 3 months. When I stopped heavy dosages of anticoagulants due to excessive bruising, my cognitive ability collapsed very quickly.

Since then, I am nearing a remission of all symptoms except the neurological ones, which are waning (but still there according to the Neurologist). Since CFS can appear in SPECT scan as brain trauma, recovering from brain trauma takes time.

The vast majority of improvement have come from addressing gut bacteria issues aggressively and with a host of a-typical items such as:

  • Mutaflor (E.Coli Nissle 1917)
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri
  • Some other very unusual probiotics that most people do not know exists
  • Tulsi, Haritaki, Neem
  • Goat Cheese, 85% Chocolate, 100% Rye Bread (made in Germany)

There have been massive headaches from some of the above, but I accept Herx as a harsh, but positive sign.

The Flu Connection

I decided to see what we know about Flu and gut bacteria on PubMed.

So studies seems to suggest that the gut bacteria are a significant factor for flu. Probiotics may protect someone from getting the flu, and the gut is a “petri dish” for the influenza virus to grow in.

The many reports of getting CFS after a “flu like disease”, may need to be updated to, “after the flu”.