Are some Tachycardia caused by gut bacteria?

With this round of CFS, I have been using a Saturated O2 meter regularly that report heart rate. I have noticed that my heart rate has been much higher than normal (nurses have also noticed it). Fast heart rate is referred to as a tachycardia (think of a car’s Tach meter and heart (Cardia)). It has not concerned me because it is a common symptom of CFS.

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is a common characteristics of CFS. Recently I started taking Prescript-Assist, a very different probiotic that I covered in prior posts.

What I noticed the other evening was that my pulse rate had suddenly dropped by almost 30%. The next morning, it was back to the earlier high range. Tonight, I took a reading every few hours after taking Prescript-Assist and there was again a drop off of the high heart rate. This suggests that some metabolite being produced by the probiotics in Prescript-Assist may be causing the drop, OR, the probiotics temporarily suppressed other bacteria and their metabolites that produce the tachycardia.

Doing a little digging found that Clostridium septicum is one species associated with tachycardia and another CFS symptom, hypotension (low blood pressure). While this species is unlikely to be the one involved, it does illustrate the feasibility of one or more gut bacteria being responsible for both tachycardia and hypotension.

My hope is that the length of normalization will increase daily as the probiotics become better established.