Observations of a probiotic-sensitive CFS suffer

A friend has CFS and had had severe herx from almost any probiotics. The result was a lack of willingness to take on my approach.

The other day she found that symptoms of Chlamydiae Pneumonia were starting to get bad, likely as a result of recent family stress. She was starting to have problems breathing, etc. She was feeling very bad and asked for help…

I re-explained to her how gut-bacteria and tissue infections set up a mutual beneficial feedback loop and recounted my experience stopping infections cold with a heavy probiotic dosage of mutaflor or prescript-assist. She took a single capsule of prescript assist at bed time… and that was all that I heard.

Three days later, she informed me that she was going to take it daily… I was surprised (and delighted). She explained why:

  • For two days, all of the symptoms disappeared after taking it.
  • On the third day, symptoms start to return but they were milder….
  • There was no significant herx from taking prescript assist.

I look forward to hear her continuing reports — it appear effective for her  Chlamydiae Pneumonia-like symptoms; I wonder what other symptoms will be reduced or disappeared from her doing a course… I also wonder if she will be able to tolerate other probiotics better after this course.

“Have you eaten your dirt today?” (i.e. prescript assist)