Bifidobacteriun Infantis – another interesting probiotic

Health Rising did a recent post on Bifidobacteriun infantis 35624. There are some 27 hits on pubmed on this probiotics, not as many as for Mutaflor, but respectable. The latest study is available in full text and found that inflammation of CFS patients decreased significantly. Another study found the amelioration of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (but required constant use).  Since IBS and CFS are co-morbid to a large extent, the two studies confirm each other’s results.

The need to constantly take it, makes the manufacturer, The Procter & Gamble Company, probably very happy (and partially accounts for the studies occurring).

This specific species is available on, the price clearly shows that P&G is seeking a premium market.

Since the full text is available for free, it may be worthwhile to at least read them for information on the experience of taking an effective probiotic.