Fungal meningitis – Alternative Treatment Approach?

A long time friend, “QD”, emailed me because she strongly suspect she has a moderate ongoing (treatment resistant?) case of fungal meningitis which she describes as ” but the brain damage continues – constant head pressure, severe damage to my balance, temporary nystagmus, 3 am anxiety attacks – all of this new since the onset of ????” I do not know if she has this condition, but I will assume that she has and see where PubMed leads for possible solutions:

According to the CDC, this condition may be caused by one (or more) of the following:

A recent articles states “Diagnostic certainty remains difficult with these infections[fungal meningitis] due to the poor sensitivity of available diagnostic tests. “ [2012]

General speculation

Many of these are known to form biofilms, which suggests rinsing the mouth out with a solution of both EDTA and NAC and then spitting it out. Add in capsules of EDTA and NAC with your usual supplements.

Candida albicans

Looking at the following recent PubMed articles we find some herbs that are found effective:

And for probiotics, research suggests that it is very species specific:

Cryptococcus neoformans

For herbs, just two articles (both available in full text for free):

Nothing found for probiotics. However recent studies found that a combination theraphy is more effective[2013]


Nothing found for herbs or probiotics


Nothing found for herbs or probiotics


Nothing found for herbs or probiotics

Bottom Line

These infections appear to be both difficult to accurately diagnosis and treat. There appears to be some potential benefit with some probiotics (if you can find the species available) and with some specific herbs (which may be more difficult to obtain).