GcMAF – Bravo Probiotic – a review

See also this UPDATE on Bravo and Update #2 In 2017, the discoverer has invented a new magic, Rerum, and in videos has trashed this product, see this post.

A friend asked me about this. It is well hyped. My first question is simple:

  • What species are involved?
  • What is the PubMed studies on it?

Often with some products, there is a host of research papers that are presented at conferences (that you may never have heard about). There papers somehow never make it into the peer review journals.  Do I have a little attitude? Caution, is the better term — having seen loved ones burnt in the pass. Ok, so much for the preliminaries… let us see what we can find and summarize.

  • Most of the papers cited on their site is about a chemical, GcMAF, and not a living species of probiotics.
  • GcMAF appears to be able to be manufactured without probiotics (” a small sample of serum from healthy human people to produce large amounts of new second generation GcMAF” [1]
  • GcMAF results in E.Coli being killed off, since CFS patients are low in E.Coli, this is likely not a good thing.
  • I was unable to find a single image of the content label on the web (which I find very unusual)
  • No studies on PubMed, other probiotics have several studies (to several hunderd) each: Mutaflor, Align, Prescript Assist.

Their purchase page is very interesting and should raise alarm bells!
“I understand I will be taking part in a pre clinical trial and I guarantee to provide progress reports every 2 months, from which Immuno Biotech will extract data to publish statistics and research papers while protecting my identity as we always have. I have done my own research into GcMAF elsewhere without relying on you, and my decision to take it is mine alone”

This is not the way that clinical trials are conducted, by any stretch of the imagination.

For $3000, you get

1 kit contains starter 1, starter 2, probiotic 3 to produce about 2 quarts (2 liters) of final product every week for 1 year”

To which, you will need to spend about $50/week for the collustrum and other items to keep the culture going. Is this a $5,500/year or $15/day yogurt???

I have emailed them for the list of species and strains in their product. So far, only this vague response giving families and not species…

“streptococci, lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, lactococci, yeasts.”

The yeast interest me, because various yeasts have been modified (GMO that is) to produce specific chemicals… could this be the source of GcMAF, i.e. a GMO yeast? I raised that question with them. The last response from them that I received was “We are not allowded[sic] to provide this level of information.”