GcMAF – Bravo Probiotic – Update #2

It seems that every two years, I get requests to review this probiotic. It is neither worth the money and has the appearance of many false claims. See earlier posts:

Current state of knowledge based on PubMed articles. At present there are around 67 articles on GCMAF (which is available separate from the Bravo Probiotic). 41 of these were associated with CANCER. 65 was associated with Vitamin-D (i.e.improve uptake of vitamin D)

  • “treatments of GcMAF in a patient with MS have potent therapeutic actions with early beneficial responses, especially improvement of motor dysfunction.” [2016]
  • “This case report demonstrates that GcMAF, oral colostrum MAF, SDT, TTF and ozone therapy can be used for NSCLC without adverse effects.” [2016] Note: article did not cite any positive effects.
  • “Oral colostrum macrophage-activating factor (MAF) produced from bovine colostrum has shown high macrophage phagocytic activity…. colostrum MAF shows promising clinical results in patients with infectious diseases and for symptoms of fatigue, which is common in many chronic diseases.” [2015]
  • Retraction note to: immunotherapy of metastatic colorectal cancer with vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage-activating factor, GcMAF [2014]. If appears that more careful study of the data resulted in a difference of conclusions.
  • Inconsistencies and questionable reliability of the publication “immunotherapy of metastatic colorectal cancer with vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophages-activating, GcMAF” by Yamamoto et al.” [2014]
    • “After several patients asked our organization, the Anticancer Fund, www.anticancerfund.org, about GcMAF as a cancer treatment, we looked for the evidence supporting its use in cancer. The literature showed us striking issues and inconsistencies…
        1. The Nagasaki and the Hyogo Immunotherapy Research Groups, that gave IRB approval for these trials, do not exist except in Yamamoto’s clinical papers. Three purported members of these groups, including one chairman, informed us they are not part of these groups and that they have never been involved in Yamamoto’s activities. Other members of these IRBs could not be found.
        2. Yamamoto’s co-authors in these papers could not be found.
        3. We contacted the sponsors of these trials (US Public Health Service and the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation), and we found that they did not support them.
      • Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that naturally occurring GcMAF in cancer patients has a concentration of approximately 4 mg/L, making the 100 ng proposed by Yamamoto meaningless” – Yamamoto claim is the 0.04% increase would cure cancer.
  • “By March 2013, Saisei Mirai have treated over 345 patients with GcMAF. Among them we here present the cases of three patients for whom our integrative immunotherapy (integrative cancer immunotherapy is as follows: i) 0.5 ml GcMAF-containing human serum is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously once or twice per week for the duration of cancer therapy until all cancer cells are eradicated; ii) hyper T/natural killer (NK) cell therapy is given once per week for six weeks; iii) high-dose vitamin C is administered intravenously twice per week; iv) alpha lipoic acid (600 mg) is administered orally daily; v) vitamin D3 (5,000-10,000 IU) is administered orally daily.) was remarkably effective.” [2013] 3/345 is less than 1% – whether GcMAF or the other items were the cause could not be determined.

Bottom Line on GcMAF

There are NO studies for the microbiome or IBS  or Crohn’s Disease or fibromyalgia, etc. Add to this that many published fake-papers associated with fake institution that have been exposed recently — it raises HUGE ALARM BELLS of con-artists taking money from the desperate sick.

Bravo Probiotics

Checking the promotion sites I see that it is alleged that it’s GcMAC may cures depression, autism [not a single study to support that claim]. Their site claims ” inflammation, from infections, inflammation, virals and immune diseases” with a massive number of alleged presentations and papers… none dealing with GcMAC as a probiotic, and many citing the discredited Yamamoto exposed above. Their publications page stop in 2014 – at the same that the fake organizations cited above were exposed.

Doing some digging around, I found that the current manufacturer is “Silver Spring Sagl”, c/o Fulvia Gianetta Allio via Raimondo Rossi 24, 6864 Arzo – founded in 2015. Owned by Marco Ruggiero MD.

Current pricing is $400 for 13 weeks (or $1600/year). It consists of [source]:

  • 25% Bifidbacteria
  • 12.5% L. Salivarius
  • 12.5% L. Acidophilus
  • 12.5% L. Paracasei
  • 12.5% L. Rhamnosus
  • 12.5% L. Lactis
  • Rest is colostrum etc.

The cost for alternative probiotics is likely $500/year of less.


With none of the above claims supported for Bravo exclusively by PubMed. Those claims are supported for certain strains of the families of bacteria cited above —  that evidence cannot be applied to unidentified strains.