Histamines, Allergies and Gut Bacteria

A recent article Altered Fecal Microbiota Composition Associated with Food Allergy in Infants found levels of 20 predominant genera were significantly different between the Food Allergy  and healthy control groups.   Allergies produces histamines [WebMD]. Thus Histamine Intolerance may be due to overgrowth of bacteria — and we now have some suspects!  At the highest level

  • Reduced
    • Bacteroidetes,
    • Proteobacteria,
    • Actinobacteria
  • Increased:
    •  Clostridiaceae 1 /  Clostridium

And ended with “The specific microbiota signature could distinguish infants with IgE-mediated FA from non-IgE-mediated ones.” which is keeping with my belief that one day the exact variation of CFS/FM/IBS that a patient has may be determined by a stool test and need no other labs.

As a FYI, the only probiotic that I know which contains some of the reduced bacteria is Prescript Assist, I have added family information to my summary to make it easy to navigate the biological naming complexities.