Chemotheraphy induced CFS Remission

Twice in my life I have sat down and spoke with CFSers that went into remission from cancer treatment. This has also been reported from Norway (“Cancer Drug May Also Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome“) and pubmed [2009] and after 3 years, the clinical studies or confirmation of the suspected drug agent has not materialized [Blog 2013]. So it seems that it may not be a single drug doing it, but chemotheraphy as a whole.

Does this fit in with the microbiome model… surprisingly — there was a recent publication that ties the pieces together!

“We observed a steep reduction in alpha diversity and significant differences in the composition of the intestinal microbiota in response to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy was associated with a drastic drop in Faecalibacterium and accompanied by an increase of Escherichia. The chemotherapy-induced shift in the intestinal microbiota could induce severe side effects in immunocompromised cancer patients. “

Very low E.Coli is the dominant microbiome shift seen in CFS.  Chemotheraphy is not a recommended treatment for CFS — however, if you need it and have CFS — you may have a pleasant side-effect!