CFS: Memory problems

While I had active CFS, I had a SPECT scan. The radiologist read the abnormal results as early Alzheimer. “Early” does not mean starting, but before the typical age of onset. At the same time, I was having severe memory issues (since disappeared).

In a recent New Scientist article, , I read how anti-tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) was being used successfully for slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s Disease.  I was not surprise because I was talking several anti-TNF-α supplements as part of my research approach.

On the flip side, some foods like honey [2003] increases TNF.

Also, in my series on Crohn’s disease, many of the supplements listed were known to reduce TNF .

So if you have memory problems, you may wish to increase your anti-tnf supplements (and make sure that you check all of them to see if any increases TNF )