How to kill your gut bacteria and be unhealthy!

While the theme of this blog has been to correcting gut bacteria, it is also good to know how you can harm gut bacteria:

  • Splenda(sucralose) and Stevia (see earlier post)
    • “Splenda exerted numerous adverse effects, including reduction in beneficial fecal microflora,” [2008]
  • Stressful life
    • “captivity appears to have induced a hyper-inflammatory state in house sparrows, perhaps due to disregulation of glucocorticoids, natural microflora or both.”[2011]
    • “stressor-induced alterations in the composition of gut microbial communities contribute to stressor-induced behavioral changes.”[2015]
  • Antibiotics
  • Junk Food
    • Serious study on shifts from eating McDonalds (Telegraph, UK)
      • Before: 3500 species
      • After: 2100 species – net lost 1400 (40%) after 10 days
    • 75% of people are adversely impacted [article]
  • Western Diet aka Diet of Convenience

“Fifteen thousand years ago our ancestors regularly ingested around 150 ingredients in a week.Most people nowadays consume fewer than 20 separate food types and many, if not most, are artificially refined. Most processed food products come, depressingly, from just four ingredients: corn, soy, wheat or meat”.  –Researcher

  • “sorghum benefit the gut microbiota and parameters related to obesity, oxidative stress, inflammation, diabetes, dyslipidemia, cancer, and hypertension” [2015]
  • “Food consumption and household food expenditure trends in Canada (1938–2011) present a clear picture of the dietary shift in the last century. Unprocessed or minimally processed roots and tubers as a contribution to household caloric intake have declined by 80%. On the other hand, the consumption of ready-to-consume processed and ultra-processed foods has more than doubled…. there are uncanny functional resemblances between plant root and human intestinal microbiota that may be of evolutionary significance” [2015]

Hint: Count the number of ingredients (real food, not chemical additives) you consume per week.

– let me see, today: Nuts (peanuts & walnuts), radish, pork, beef, spinach, broccoli, rye (100% rye bread), cheese, salad, egg , green pepper — if is not volume, but variety.

So what should you add back to your diet? A few suggestions are: jicama, radish, turnip, rutabaga, carrot, and many more – raw when practical.

Short Term attempts to alter are likely futile

“review of the current literature suggests that the adult microbiome is a highly stable structure resilient to short-term interventions. In fact, most evidence to date demonstrates that therapeutic agents targeting the microflora trigger rapid changes in the microbiome, which then reverts to its pre-treatment state once the therapy is completed.” [2015]

In short, it means having to do permanent changes in eating habits.