Sleep Issues – two possible microbiome solutions that may improve

Recently I suddenly started encountering problems with getting sleep at night. The usual suspect, change, stress, etc were not there. Last night after waking up for the 2nd time at 2:30 AM, I decided to “waterpik”(Water Flosser) my mouth followed by a hydrogen peroxide rinse. I went back to bed and slept hard until the alarms went off. Speculation: chemicals, were being produced by bacteria in the mouth, were keeping me awake.

My wife also discovered a different biological sleep aid this week, something that caused her to sleep unusually hard – bed time probiotics:

  • One Mutaflor and two Prescript Assist capsules.

Again, speculation is that either the chemicals produced by bacteria that cause excessive wakefulness OR chemicals caused by killing off bacteria that cause deep sleep is the root.

We know that microbiome bacteria impacts cognitive function, so the speculation seems appropriate.

If neither of the above help with sleep, then try 2-3 “00” capsules of Neem, Haritaki or Tulsi at bedtime.