How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Four — Clearing the mental fog

Mental fog with CFS is a major challenge and can often result in failure to maintain a protocol, pushing beyond your current CFS “envelope”. In my last post there were several herbs and spices that helped the brain (neuroprotectors).  In this post, I will add a list of similar items not in the last list and which are not probiotics (a future post)

With the earlier Neem and Tulsi being my additional favorites.


Anticoagulants improve blood flow and thus reduce mental fog. They also tend to increase penetration of antibacteria and antivirals (in some cases 10x more concentration for some antibiotics)

  • serrapeptase
  • nattokinease
  • lumbrokinease
  • bromelain
  • heparin (prescription)
  • Licorice
  • Coenzyme Q10

Many of the top list are also anticoagulants.