How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Six — Probiotics, the new settlers

Probiotic are almost always antibiotics to some other species of bacteria. They can also be antivirals and antifungal. Determining if a strain produces the right antibiotics is beyond the limits of current knowledge, and will likely stay that way for decades. This paper will give you a general overview.

“Bifidobacterium and the Lactobacillus group were increased in active IBD patients and should be used more cautiously as probiotics during the active phase of IBD. Butyrate-producing bacteria might be important to gut homeostasis.”[2014]

What is known is that some specific probiotics have resulted in significant rate remission of IBS, a condition often co-morbid with CFS. There are:

For other probiotics, we really want to try to filter them (based on available knowledge from PubMed) by:

  • Ones that do not produce lactic acid (since lactic acidosis appears to be very common with CFS), or at least, produce lower amounts
  • Ones that do not kill E.Coli (which is very low in CFS, and generally do not produce lactic acid)
  • Ones that do not produce histamines (appears to impact a subset of CFS patients)

The first choice is obvious:

Second choices are:

All of the above, except Mutaflor, is available on

For other probiotics with known, demonstrated health benefits, See this earlier post.