Ecologic (Netherland) series of probiotics

In doing my last posts, I became aware of this Dutch probiotic company,, which does canned probiotic mixtures as well as custom formulations from 100 strains they have. They declare and document every strain used — which is ideal.

They have nine canned probiotic mixtures which I have extracted a matrix of strains below:

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.45.05 PM

Their literature is available at:

Some of their products are available via these online seller (all in the netherlands)





My last post looked at depression, which the Sense probiotic above is targeted at. It contains:

  • B. bifidum W23,
  • B. lactis W52,
  • L. acidophilus W37,
  • L. brevis W63,
  • L. casei W56 – other L.casei are associated with reduction of depression, Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) [Yakult]  significant decrease in anxiety symptoms among those taking the probiotic [2009] and Actimel (DanActive) appear to share a common ancestor [2013]
  • L. salivarius W24,
  • Lc. Lactis W19,
  • Lc. Lactis W58

This mixture is cited in this Aug 2015 study, A randomized controlled trial to test the effect of multispecies probiotics on cognitive reactivity to sad mood. There were a few studies on some of the other strains in combination — but nothing on the individual strains.