Some Responses To Probiotics

Probiotics are bacteria. These probiotics produce chemicals (technically antibiotics) against other bacteria.  There are several ways that other bacteria may react to these antibiotics

  • “Ignore them” – typically those that produce similar antibiotics
  • “Stop reproduction” – the population of bacteria die off with age
  • “Kill and spill their guts” – this is typically the scenario that results in a herx. THOSE bacteria are often full of toxins
  • “Kill and stay encapsulated – toxins are not released into system”

The model assumes that each person bacteria mixture is unique, as well as the bacteria mixture when it goes bad and create CFS or FM or….

Over the last week I got some feedback on how various people have responded. A table of responses reported is below. I will add more as they are reported to me (so email or comment your experience)

Probiotic Response
Miyarisan I was doing 2 miyarisan twice a day and it wasn’t causing any problems so I spiked it up to 5 (……whoops) and I think I need to build up to that slower.
I may be in herx territory here.
Prescript Assist I’m doing okay-ish–have begun one of the probiotics you recommended and it’s given me a mini-herx. Or that’s what seems to be happening.
Mutaflor gave me severe headache and herx.
Culturelle has given me severe sore throat, and I have verified it’s the Culturelle. Dr. REDACTED seems to believe it’s because it upregulates immune system and the throat often contains huge viral loads with people that have a lowered immunity.
Culturelle I didn’t get much from the Prescript Assist or Mutaflor but I know that Culturelle kicked my butt. Didn’t notice a lot from it at first from 1 cap/day, started making 24hr yoghurt from it, was on the yoghurt for a couple of weeks, then had to stop due to negative reactions. Tried to cut down first but even 1 tablespoon of the yoghurt then caused these reactions, stayed off it altogether for a month or so and tried 1 capsule yesterday and have gotten the same effects just from 1 capsule! Side efffects/reactions/herx/whatever for me included bad insomnia, v disturbed sleep, much heavier sweating after light exercise, acid reflux, very bad blocked nose on waking, rosacea type symptoms and much increased thirst. I felt a bit batter on in at times which is why i stuck with it, but the bad reactions, especially lack of sleep made me feel a lot worse really quickly.