The Healthy Gut Summit — Will it be specific enough for CFS patients?

I see Cort Johnson is mentioning this on his blog and I went over their site to get a feel for the presenters and their background. My observations are:

  • It will likely be presenting pro-forma alternative medicine  views on the microbiome — which is good, but likely not specific for CFS.  Example, Lactobacillus is good for healthy individuals, not good for CFS patients suffering from D-Lactic acidosis.
  • What I found checking a few speakers does not give me confidence on it being breakthrough or even well research.
  • None of the speakers are “CFS practitioners”
  • Unlike most conferences — there appears to be no questions/answers periods.

Gut feeling is that well it may be entertaining to watch, it will lack any specific (valid/researched) suggestions for CFS and may well advocate somethings that may be harmful for the unique microbiome dysfunction seen in CFS.

I may be wrong. Since they provide all of the content as PDFs — if you see something that is specific to CFS — feel free to forward to me for comment and review.