Itching, Hives, Histamine and Bacteria

In the past I have written about histamine intolerance[ Mar 2014] being a possible CFS mechanism. I also wrote about Non-histamine probiotics. After that post, there was a 2015 paper on Mast Cell and Autoimmune Diseases (“Mast Cells promote inflammation in the same way like TNF”). In this post, I want to look at what we know about specific bacteria that may cause itching, hives, or to use the medical term , urticaria. Medical opinion is that all of these are due to histamine release, so we are effectively looking at bacteria that can cause histamine to be release from mast cells.

Bottom Line

There are many virus and bacteria that are associated with urticaris — which I assume is primarily caused by histamine release. IMHO, Staphylococcus it the preferred one to initially target and there was a pub med reports in 2001 of eradication of Staphylococcus leading to CFS remission. As well as staphylococcus toxoid on FM and CFS resulting in major positive results in 2002.

I have updated my staphylococcus aureus-the-cfs-maintainer post with more herbs and spices that have evidence on PubMed of being effective. One word of caution, some may dump chemicals triggering histamine release when they are killed — so have DAO and anti-histamine handy!