IBS Probiotics

The following are a list of probiotics effective (i.e. improve, not necessarily cure) Irritable Bowel Syndrome according to studies on PubMed.com. IBS is co-morbid with CFS and thus they become recommended probiotics for CFS. For this I raised the criteria to studies on humans and not on mice. In general mixtures were eliminated with the exception of “unique mixtures” – Prescript Assist and VSL#3

NOTE: Probiotics do produce natural antibiotics. It is strongly recommended that the probiotics below be rotated and not taken continuously. Two weeks on one and then move to the next. Why?  We want to minimize the risk of antiibiotic resistance to the natural antibiotics produced by the probiotics.

“Overall, more than 50% of trials presented negative outcomes. The majority of the single-strain probiotictrials employing lactobacilli or Saccharomyces were negative, whereas trials employing bifidobacteria showed positive results.” Probiotic Therapy of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Why Is the Evidence Still Poor and What Can Be Done About It? [2015]

“because bifidobacteria concentrations have been found to be reduced in IBS compared with healthy controls, it seems reasonable, logical and safe to use prebiotics to enhance the growth of bifidobacteria and other beneficial bacteria to improve symptoms in these patients. However, based on available evidence, general use cannot be recommended in patients with IBS [2018].

Only Positive Effects

Prescript Assist – multiple species

Symbioflor 2 – E.Coli Probiotic

Mutaflor — E.Coli Nissle 1917

Clostridium butyricum probiotics

Incidental Positive

Inconclusive or negative effects

I am tough here — if there is disagreement between studies, the probiotic is dropped into the list below. One of the main reason is that only 1 in 10(100?) negative studies get published, but every positive one gets published.

Lactobacillus Plantarum

 Yakult – Lactobacillus Shirota

VSL#3 Multiple Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus

Lactobacilus GG

May be effective for children only.

Bottom Line

Lactobaccilus probiotics all show little effect (and possibly negative effect). Prescript Assist, E.Coli Probiotics and Bifidobacterium probiotics show effects (but only one strain is well reported).