A fresh look at process…

I work off a model which means that I know what needs to happen. It does not determine what the sequence is, or even fix the substances to use. This is actually good because what we are dealing with depends on three items: inherited DNA, inherited microbiome  (body bacteria, gut, mouth, etc) and likely the specific infection that triggered it.

Recently my perspective have shifted and this is my current suggestion for a new person kick-starting a run at remission. Since such a person likely has brain fog and a lack of executive decision making — I will restrict my self to 4 supplements (taken at the same time — no need to rotate, keep on them) and a list of 5 probiotics that should be taken in rotation. The rotation has two advantages — cuts cost, discourages resistance of the bad bacteria.

NOTE: Everything that is listed (with one exception) is documented as helping on PubMed National Institute of Health database of clinical studies. These are not reasoned recommendations, but recommendations based on actual human clinical study  experience that have been reviewed.

Supplements to mitigate symptoms

These are items that normally would be absorbed or transformed by a population of healthy bacteria. With the shift to the dark side, these are mal-absorbed or not produced to the same levels.

Having die-off / herx from these very rarely occurs.

Supplement Daily Sample Study
Magnesium 600 mg [1992]
Vitamin D3 25,000 IU [2009]
Vitamin B1 100 mg x 3 times [2013]
Vitamin B12  injections is the usual recommendation of CFS MDs [2015]

Starting Probiotics

Today, we actually have an increasing number of suitable probiotics available over the internet. Most will not be found at your local health food store.

Probiotics are bacteria that often produce antibiotics against other species and strains. Whether you herx depends very much on the dysfunction bacteria that you have. If you have a low herx tolerance, then when a herx shows up — move along to the next one.

Probiotic Duration (dosage per bottle) Rationale Sample Study
Typically for IBS
General Biotics Equilibrium 1 week Appears to be best tolerated. Kick start with 115 strains None, just anedotal reports of improvement
Prescript Assist 1 week Adds 29 more strains [2007]
Symbioflor-2 1 week This is one of the few probiotics that been documented to establish itself [2009]
Miyarisan 1 week Converts lactic acid to butyric acid [2015].
Align 1 week Bifidobacterium infantis [2009]

If a probiotic seem to help, fell free to continue for up to 2 more weeks (then you need to rotate it) and add in the next one on schedule (taking 2-3 concurrently). You will have to feel your way into these.

We do not know how well they play with each other. Some probiotics like Lactobacillus will not play nice with some of the above probiotics….

The above list delivers some 152 distinct named strains in the hope of kick starting bio-diversity that is very lacking in the FM/CFS/IBS gut.

I have some on order for my wife’s Crohn’s and will likely try some myself (since I am in remission, I do not expect significant effect).