Mineral water as treatment?

While researching this post, I found a 2015 study where the microbiome of healthy controls were significantly altered by consuming a liter of mineral water each day. This was unexpected, but in reflection totally reasonable. The minerals in the water would likely have significant impact on some bacteria.

  • “Additionally, microbiomeanalysis demonstrated that composition of lean-inducible bacteria was increased after bicarbonate-rich mineral water consumption. Our results suggested that consumption of BMW has the possible potential to prevent and/or improve type 2 diabetes through the alterations of host metabolism and gut microbiotacomposition.” [2015]

While I was shopping today, I tried some mineral water (Gerolsteiner from Germany) and found that my body responded strongly (feeling good/better) after 8 oz. I selected this brand at the co-op because it listed the contents, the level of bicarbonate was below that of the water used in the study, but it is at the top of the brands available in the US.

This post is for anyone else that is intrigued about the use of mineral water. Dosage is always important — in talking with people about the positive results of Vitamin B1, I found most people were taking lower dosages than the threshold to see results in the study that I cited (i.e. 1500 mg/day). Yes, “Vitamin B1 had no effect” because the dosage was too low (which the study reported too!). For mineral water, it is important to see how any supplier compare to the study cited above. For example, with Acquaua Panna, you would need to drink 18 liters of water a day!

If you have an Android phone, there is a sweet application available https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.gerolsteiner.meinwasser that provide over 500 waters.

The following is a report using the common mineral waters in the US, and an “electrolyte water” which many would believe is equivalent. They are not. Gerolsteiner  looks by far to be the closest to the water used in the study.

  Study Tap Water Gerolsteiner San Pellegrino Perrier Fiji Acqua Panna Smart Water
Bicarbonate 2485 28 1800 239 445 0 106 n/a
Chlorine ion 182 11 40 54 25 9 9 4
Sulfate ion 355 7 38 445 46 1 21 n/a
Magnesium 291 2 108 52 6 15 6 n/a
Sodium 412 10 118 33 11 18 6 0
Potassium 80 0 11 0 0 0 0 n/a
Calcium 177 6 348 179 155 18 32 n/a
  • “Among the natural mineral waters available on the market, only a few feature the optimum calcium-magnesium proportion (2:1).” [2016]

Mineral Supplements Help with CFS

I believe that minerals already dissolved in water is more easily absorbed than mineral supplements. Part of this is basic chemistry — stomach pH and volume of liquid determines how much gets dissolved and how fast. If the minerals are already in solution, then they can be readily absorbed with the water without any additional processing.

  • “This study is only the second study done on multivitamin mineral supplementation in CFS that used both biochemical and subjective markers of treatment success…Treatment with a vitamin and mineral supplement could be a safe and easy way to improve symptoms and quality of life in patients with CFS.”[2014]

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