Symbioflor-2 at risk of being taken off market

A reader forward this pdf — at first, I suspected a joke — because it was dated April 1,2016. It is not. Symbioflor has been reported effective for improving IBS and also causing patients with ZERO E.Coli to establish an E.Coli population.


There are actually two risks:

  • The claims of effectiveness are not sufficient and it is taken off the market in Europe
  • The claims of effectiveness are validated, this now makes it a medical drug and thus FDA may attempt to control access to it (for example, preventing shipments to the US — which is what happened with Mutaflor, E.Coli Nissle 1917).

The best outcome is that it is not deemed sufficiently documented (and thus not of interest to the FDA) but is not taken off the market — pending further studies.

If you on sitting on the fence about this probiotic, the opportunity could disappear quickly.

IF YOU HAVE TRIED IT — please post as comments, your response and observations.