A Model Illustrated


The roots of CFS can be one (or multiple) of many things. The most likely causes, IMHO, are actual flu virus and a combination of latent EBV and Stress.

The model states that these events start a cascade of changes in gut bacteria towards a characteristic profile shared across FM/IBS/CFS. The details are different for every person, because before CFS, everyone had bacteria that was more distinct than their DNA.  There are some studies indicating that DNA and specific strains of bacteria exist in cooperation.  In simpler terms, gut bacteria evolved with your DNA and is inherited down generations.

Symptoms are gut bacteria related. The reader report found some symptoms disappeared and kept away even when things went backwards due to whopping cough.  The chemical produced by the bacteria impact symptoms.  Eliminating certain strains, result in certain symptoms reducing or disappearing. A second aspect is DNA –  some symptoms are associated with DNA; Bacteria Strain + DNA => some symptoms (like pain in FM). Those that are histamine sensitive know that the wrong probiotic can make their symptoms much worst. Histamine is produced by bacteria.

“I wanted to add a quick update. Up to 10 drops [of Symbioflor-2] a day now from start of 3 about a week and a half ago. I stopped align and the anxiety seemed to go away. This was after reading Kens response to a comment on a different post. I’ve also considered maybe it wasn’t the align and I was just taking it long enough to get through some initial die off. Still sleeping hard, vivid dreams, and not waking up as much. Waking up refreshed. Feel like I have more energy, I’ve noticed my allergies have improved considerably. Where I’m at it’s 11.5/12 for tree pollen for the last week straight, and I don’t feel any aversion to going and taking a walk in the middle of the day. For someone that traditionally has had to avoid enjoying the outdoors on high pollen periods like this, for almost my whole life, that’s huge,” [Comment on Symbioflor-2 page]

The branches to recover are multiple — the goal is the same, to reach the light of day after the darkness of CFS.

One person may have bacterial strains that are resistant to most antibiotics. Another person strains may be sensitive to a simple antibiotic like minocycline. We are not talking about a single infection, but hundreds of bacteria strains and species.  The same applies to herbs and spices.  A gum from India or from Africa may have the same name – but because of differences in cultivation and soil, one may work and the other will not work.

A second factor is that many bacteria are adaptive. This means that you may eliminate 98% of a family with an antibiotic or herb, what is left may be resistant. Staying on the same anti-infection agent means that the 2% left can grow and take over. Changing to a different anti-infection agent may mean that 80% of those left are killed, leaving just 0.4% of the population, ideally a level sufficient that good bacteria and the immune system can finish cleaning house. Rotation is essential. More time on an antibiotic/herb is not better, but worst.

The branch that you need to take towards the light must be felt out. You must experiment, observe and proceed by intelligent trial and error. As my reader wrote in her story here,

  • Neem worked very well for her
  • Olive Leaf was a neutral, she wonder if a different source would work — a valid question
  • Haritaki was a negative.

Other readers have reported no effect from most of the probiotics that I cite as candidates, but one was very effective in causing change. Others improve from every probiotic.

My role is to find candidates that should be tried based on what has been reported in pub med studies that should help correct the shift. For antibiotics,  I refer to Jadin’s protocol. Her choice of antibiotics are rational according to the model and based on years of her experience as well as MDs from the Pascal Institute treating “occult ricktettsia” infection (i.e. chronic Lyme would fit under that label).  I have used it twice successfully for myself (the 2nd time was a short course because I found Neem and Tulsi to be highly/more effective for myself).

I know many things that I suggest will have zero effect for some people. Some people may improve from everything suggested. This is precisely what is expected from the model.