Constipation in IBS/CFS/FM

On Friday I was messaged by a reader that have had extreme constipation. I have not done a post on constipation yet, but I do have a case report from another reader that had severe constant constipation, no longer has it (nor needing to take any drugs for it)

“Dec 24, 2015 started with:

  • Prescript Assist
  • L. Casei  – 4 capsules per day or (Yakult etc)
  • 15 mg gum arabic

January 9, 2016 – constipation effectively gone.

Remember oats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains”


Moving on to PubMed, remember some probiotics can increase constipationit is not just probiotics, but the right ones!

There are no studies on Prescript Assist and constipation. Prescript Assist is well studied for IBS and found effective.


Unusual Finding

In reviewing the literature for this post, I came across this — an article that found that rhubarb effectiveness can be increased up to 2000 fold by taking with a multidrug pump inhibitor. Bacteria has “pump” that pushes out toxins — which can often be the antibiotics trying to kill it. By slowing or stopping these pumps — the bacteria succumbs to the antibiotic (be it prescription or herbal)

  • Multidrug pump inhibitors uncover remarkable activity of plant antimicrobials.[2002] “It is possible that the apparent ineffectiveness of plant antimicrobials is largely due to the permeability barrier. ….The results show that the activities of the majority of plant antimicrobials were considerably greater against the gram-positive bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus megaterium and that disabling of the MDRs in gram-negative species leads to a striking increase in antimicrobial activity. Thus, the activity of rhein, the principal antimicrobial from rhubarb, was potentiated 100- to 2,000-fold (depending on the bacterial species) by disabling the MDRs.”
    [Full Text]

    • More on multidrug pump inhibitors: Bacterial multidrug efflux pumps: Mechanisms, physiology and pharmacological exploitations [2014] “Another group of EPIs is called the quinoline derivatives, because of their structural similarity with quinolones [143].”  – interesting because Jadin’s protocol includes the concurrent use of quinolones with other antibiotics.
    • “In Gram-positive bacteria, EPIs against the NorA system in S. aureus has been intensively studied. A large number of both synthetic and natural compounds have been found to be EPIs against S. aureus NorA, especially those of natural origins such as genistein isolated from Lupinus argenteus, spinosan A isolated from Dalea spinosa and Tiliroside isolated from Herissantia tiubae”  Genistein is available as a supplement.

Bottom Line

The successful elimination of constipation reported by the reader is supported by PubMed articles. There are additional probiotics reported with good results in the literature. Symbioflor-2 and Mutaflor are both cited.

Rhubarb and genistein taken together is another approach, one that I would suggest be tried before (and NOT concurrent with) probiotics. There is a significant herx risk from this.

— as always consult with your knowledgeable medical professional before making any changes in supplements.