Probiotic Survey #2

Recently there has been some additional candidate probiotics. While these may be good in theory — the reality with human patients may be different. Human (with CFS) experience is needed, hence a new survey:

You will see the talleys when you do the survey.

Early results:

  • Prescript Assist Pro Better 75% Worst 0%
  •  Kyo Dophilus 9  Better: 50% Worst 0%
  • Kyo Dophilus  Better: 50% Worst 0%

If you are adventuresome, you may wish to try one of the probiotics that no one has reported on. These are all ones that in theory should be good for CFS in general, the following could be problematic for those that are histamine sensitive:

  • Perfect Pass

  • MegaSpore Biotic

  • Just Thrive