Addressing Peroxynitrite

The pubmed studies cited in my last post on environmental illness or syndrome suggests addressing peroxynitrite as a course of action. This post drill into a single aspect this area. We do not have studies indicating if it is effective.


  • “The potency of scavenging activity was in the following order:
    • Apis cerana Fabricius (Propolis) >
    • Rosmarinus officinalis L (Rosemary) >
    • Pseudolarix amabilis (Nelson) Rehd. (Pine Bark PE) >
    • Echinacea Moenck. (Echinacea);
    • the remaining twenty-eight herbs performed unsatisfactorily for their scavenging activity.” [2010]
  • “The potency of scavenging activity following the addition of authentic ONOO(-) was in the following order:
    • witch hazel bark > …  Hamamelitannin, the major active component of witch hazel bark, was shown to have a strong ability to scavenge ONOO(-).
    • rosemary >
    • jasmine tea >
    • sage >
    • slippery elm >
    • black walnut leaf >
    • Queen Anne’s lace >Z
    • Linden flower. [2002]
  • “In the ONOO(-) assay, H. baylahuen and Buddleia globosa showed the highest activities.” [2006]


  • ALA – “Superoxide production and peroxynitrite (ONOO-) formation were reduced with alpha-linolenic acid supplement” [2013]
  • Grape Seed Extract – “grape seed extract counteracted the inhibitory effect of peroxynitrite on human plasma clotting” [2012]
  • NOT: Coenzyme Q(10), vitamin E, selenium, and methionine “confirmed  increased antiviral cytokine and peroxynitrite plasma levels.”
  • “creatine displayed a significant ability to remove ABTS+, O(*-)(2), and OONO- when compared with controls.” [2002] creatine is low in CFS.


VSL#3 has been studied [2014] with undesired results, “increased expression of NADPH oxidase subunits, angiotensin converting enzyme, AT1 receptors and angiotensin II, and formation of ROS and peroxynitrite were observed.”

Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 (DSM14241, LfME-3) reports a reduction [2015]. This is available on Amazon. This probiotic produces Glutathione and is human sourced. I will be doing a post on it in a few days.