Macrolide impact on the Microbiome

In this post, I will look at the impact of macrolides on microbiome. Macrolides are used by Cecile Jadin in her protocol (Notice: I used her protocol as a basis for 2 remissions — I may be bias!).

This [2011] article is the basis of this post. The first thing is to note that with these 29 healthy same-ethnic group people, the relative numbers vary greatly!!!!


The is no “normal” microbiome — it is very very individualistic and change over time.

When a macrolide was give, they saw shifts in different directions (the E-G solid colors below)


” On the other hand, macrolide treatment showed the effects depending on the cases. E and G samples located just within the area which healthy adult samples distribute, despite antibiotic administration. However, F samples were spotted on the left lower of the PCA map.” – In other words, the impact will vary from person to person.

Another study [2009] show the trend over a month – not some phylum disappear completely (Spirochaetes) and other disappeared and re-appeared (Fusobacteria)