Bacopa Monnieri – Revisited

A reader wrote:

“Another thing I take to eliminate brain fog is Bacopa Monnieri. It’s sometimes called Brahmi too but Brahmi can also be another thing in Indian medicine (I think?). I don’t claim to be an expert on Ayuveda but all I know is there are several brands that call it each name and all of them work for me. Its effect is almost as strong as modafinil. However, it’s definitely using some other pathway because it’s subjectively different and it also stacks with other stimulants. Caffiene and modafinil both pair well with it and magnify the effects.

This is remarkable since I’m a nonresponder to almost all nootropics and herbs. And whenever I give Bacopa to friends of mine who don’t have CFS, it does nothing for them. But I have a friend with diagnosed fibro and an aquitance with diagnosed cfs. They both got strong subject mental clarity from bacopa too. I’m not sure why it would work so well for people in our cluster? Do you have any guesses?”
I actually did a post on it 13 months ago, and concluded “There are no studies with CFS/FM/IBS patients which would be ideal. My gut feeling (subjective) is that it is worth trying at 500-1000 mg/day.” It is relatively cheap on Amazon, so what is newly found about this? “Safety and tolerability data was well reported for 80% of studies with only 2.3% of all participants reporting mild side-effects.” [2016]

Bottom Line

There was been human studies and the reader report of dramatic improvement is very viable! Brain inflammation is common with CFS (typically seen in 75% of SPECT scans of CFS patients) and that this is effective in reaching the brain. A definite recommendation for anyone with brain fog.