Kijimea IBS Probiotic

This is a new one on the market that a reader asked me about. It is a single strain: Bifidobacteria bifidum MIMBb75

Going to PubMed to see if there is documentation, I found 8 articles. A good start.

  • “Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75 effectively alleviates global IBS and improves IBS symptoms simultaneously with an improvement of quality of life. Considering the high efficacy of MIMBb75 in IBS along with the good side-effect profile, MIMBb75 is a promising candidate for IBS therapy…. Overall responder rates were 57% in the bifidobacteria group but only 21% in the placebo group ” [2011]
  • “These findings suggest that probiotic properties of B. bifidum MIMBb75 may partially depend on its ability to at least transiently colonize the intestine and impact on the resident microbial communities at various intestinal loci.” [2013]

Bottom Line

For IBS, I would favor Prescript Assist and Equilibrium as better choices. It is expensive, $50 for 56 capsules.

The Amazon site claims “Only bacteria strain in the world clinically shown to significantly reduce IBS and to simultaneously improve patients’ quality of life.” This is false. They have a 57% response rate, where as Prescript assist “the rate of remissions was 81.5% to 100% (P < 0.003).” [2007]  The studies only show improvement of symptoms, not remission.