Decreasing Anaerotruncus Colihominis

In Ian Lipkin et al 2017 study, high Anaerotruncus colihominis was reported (on average). [Index to all posts on Study] . “The species is found only relatively infrequently in the human gut. The presence of Anaerotruncus colihominis does not appear to be associated with any particular health disorder.” [uBiome]. It was identified in 2004.


  • “It produces Indole and utilises glucose and mannose…It produced indole and β‐gluocosidase, and used glucose and mannose but not arabinose, cellobiose, glycerol, lactose, maltose, mannitol, melezitose, raffinose, rhamnose, salicin, sorbitol, sucrose, trehalose or xylose.” [2006]
  • “Cells are sensitive to vancomycin (5 µg) and kanamycin (1000 µg), but resistant to colistin sulphate (10 µg)”[2006]
  • The major fermentation products from glucose include acetate, ethanol, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide; lactic acid, propionate, and succinate are not produced.” [2015]

Bottom Line

Antibiotics or trying to starve them (without starving other low bacteria).