Hyperacusis, Phonophobia and DNA SNPs

I have done summary of different DNA variations associated with CFS/IBS/FM before:

My model has DNA + microbiome shifts –> Symptoms. The DNA reduces tolerances for swings of metabolites produced the microbiome and with a dysfunctional microbiome, some people are pushed over a threshold and develop symptoms. Fixing the microbiome is possible today, fixing DNA is likely a few decades off.

I happened to stumble across some PubMed studies involving hyperacusis, phonophobia and DNA Snps. This post looks at what I found for other conditions with hyperacusis or phonophobia.

Phonophobia (light sensitivity)

  • “Dopamin Beta Hydroxylase gene +1603C>T polymorphism” [2016]

Hyperacusis (noise sensitivity)

The recognized associated conditions [2003] are

Peripheral Central
Bell’s palsy Migraine
Ramsay-Hunt syndrome Depression
Stapedectomy Post-traumatic stress disorder
Perilymph fistula Head injury
Lyme disease
Williams syndrome
  • ” The most informative marker (69%) was D7S1870, followed by Hei (55%) and ELN 17/exon 18 (44%). The microdeletion was present in 56% and absent in 22% of patients….Two of the syndrome characteristics (an overfriendly personality and hyperacusis) were more frequent in the microdeletion group and these differences were statistically significant (p = 0.006 and p = 0.02, respectively).” [2010]
  • ” OCRL gene deletion revealed involvement of several flanking repeat elements… hyperosmia and/or hyperacusis were reported recurrently.” [2015]
  • “hemizygosity for a chromosomal deletion at 7q11.23…  hyperacusis [1999]