Another (dead) E.Coli source

A reader forwarded me a link to “Escherichia coli-Nosode” which is available on German Apotheke (ships world wide) This is a sterilized/dead E.Coli. The manufacturer’s page is here.

(Translation by Google)

“Fatigue. Physical and mental exhaustion. Use of wrong words. Memory loss for recent events. Timidity and indecisiveness, often associated with meteorism. Shivering after the meal. Tongue white-yellowish with red line in the middle. Also with urinary problems and cloudy, nauseating urine. Aggravation by damp cold. Julian points to good effects in salpingitis, cystitis, kidney stones, cholangitis and in depressive psychoses.”

It appears to come in ampules — I assume for oral consumption and is described as homeopathic.

A 1991 article on it. There is negative press claim it is quack medicine.

It appears to have a similar history as another killed E.Coli product Colibiogen (see post) which had a few positive studies on pubmed. There appear to be many more suggesting that Colibiogen does have positive effects.

For this specific product we found:

  • “Piglets of the homeopathic treated group had significantly less E. coli diarrhoea than piglets in the placebo group (P < .0001). Especially piglets from first parity sows gave a good response to treatment with Coli 30K. The diarrhoea seemed to be less severe in the homeopathically treated litters, there was less transmission and duration appeared shorter.” [2010] – Homeopathy Journal
  • ” None of the homeopathically treated groups differed significantly with respect to any of the parameters from the non-medicated, infected control group. It is concluded that the results of this study do not justify use of these homeopathic remedies for treatment of colibacillosis in broilers. ” [2004] Research in Veterinary Science Journal

Bottom Line

No firm evidence of benefit. No evidence of risk (except to pocket book). In theory, the metabolites could have a positive effect, especially if a person cannot tolerate Symbioflor-2 or Mutaflor (live E.Coli).