Short note on LDN (low dosage naltrexone) possible mechanism

A reader wrote: “Hi Ken. I take LDN. Latest research shows that it blocks TLR-9 receptor. Would the regular bad bacteria in the microbiome causing over expression of TLR-9?” [2017 study]

I did an earlier post on LDN. The LDN –> TLR9 <– Lactobacillus connections was not known then.

In researching this with the microbiome, I found:

The reader responded “Wow. Lactobacillus is what I am deficient in, so explains why LDN works well for me.”

Bottom Line Updated

Surveys found: Low-Dose Naltrexone: Better 62% Worst 11%;

There is now a connection established with missing lactobacillus bacteria and what LDN impacts. We have a “how it works” model.

  • Definitely a thumbs up now to try.
  • This is an “off-label” mechanism for naltrexone

Post Script:

Every drug, supplement, probiotics etc have multiple effects. We typically simplify it down to just one effect when there are many. Take aspirin — it remedy headaches. It is also a blood thinner. It is also helps with gram-negative bacterial pneumonia, User for primary and secondary prevention of preeclampsia. etc. Aspirin is a single stable chemical. Herbs and spices are complex chemical compositions. Probiotic bacteria are even more complex producing dozens of metabolites — often depending on what is available.

We have 62% being positive and 11% being negative for the impact. The 11% likely have an additional effect coming into play.