Decreasing Anaeroplasma Genus

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This is often classed as a mycoplasma [A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Mycoplasmas: Basis for Their Classification, 1989]. CFS aas a mycoplasma infection has been one CFS research direction in the past.

“There are six genera of wall-less prokaryotes collectively referred to in this article as
mycoplasmas. These genera are Mycoplasma, Acholeplas ma, Spiroplasma, Ureaplasma,
Anaeroplasma, and the newly recognized genus Asteroleplasma. ” [1990]

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Tenericutes -> Mollicutes -> Anaeroplasmatales -> Anaeroplasmataceae -> Anaeroplasma


PubMed Data

There are  30+ studies on pubmed


  • “Eubacteria, Anaeroplasma, Roseburia, Oscillospira and Dehalobacteria appeared to be protective against atherosclerosis and showed significant negative correlation with atherosclerotic plaque size and plasma adipocyte – fatty acid binding protein (A-FABP) and cholesterol.” [2016]
  • “The abundance of Pedobacter, Anaeroplasma, Paludibacter, Ruminococcus, and unclassified Lachnospiraceae was positively correlated with the CH4(methane) production, with no effects on volatile fatty acids.” [2016]


  • ” Inclusion of higher-Molecular Weight Condensed tannin  fractions F1 and/or F2 decreased the relative abundance of minor genera such as Ruminococcus, Streptococcus, Clostridium XIVa and Anaeroplasma but increased the relative abundance of Acinetobacter, Treponema, Selenomonas, Succiniclasticum “




  • Tetracyclnes, Sparfloxaccin are the most effective against the mycoplasma family [1997]
  • “neomycin-treated mice was depleted in several microbes that were increased with vancomycin treatment; Enterobacteriaceae, Anaeroplasma spp. and Sutterella spp.”  [2016]
  • “On the contrary, Anaeroplasma was the most reduced genus of all detectable genera, as its relative abundance decreased by 43% after streptomycin treatment.” [2017]

Bottom Line


  • Vancomycin


  • Tetracyclnes, Sparfloxaccin, Neomycin, Streptomycin
  • Tannins
  • Walnuts (Weak Evidence, we have to go up to Millicutes Class to find this)