Analysis of Verisana Lab Report

A UK reader forwarded their results for analysis. I modified my website to input data from this report (like I did for KyberKompakt) and do analysis using the same database.

The Report

The report is shown below



The Data Entry


To keep life simple, the entry uses the same check marks and arrows as before. So the above report is entered as shown below. There were some minor spelling difference between plural and single versions of names (Bifidobacterium vs Bifidobacteria), but the sequence was maintained for ease of entry.


The results can be tuned as before.


The Weight is calculated as:   Sum of bacteria impacted by this.

  • Red Wine:
    • Three different “2” items were positively helped… 6
    • One “2” item was negatively helped … 2
    • Bottom Line weight is a 6-2 = 4 (more likely to help — but monitor carefully, we do not know how much it impacts each item.