Viome Report Recommendations are now available

A reader forwarded a copy of their Viome report and I have created an entry form for it. It is at:

  • Assume Normal is not 1.5 x higher than “healthy” or 2/3 of healthy

The report looks like this:


I assume that “Activity” is what the person has.

The report also recommends some food (without providing studies backing them 😦 )


The top recommendation from our site is below. Note that only certain lactobacillus are recommended.

Item    Action    Confidence value
chitosan supplements Take 4.159
gluten free diet Take 2.911
sulfites food additives Take 1.871
no carbohydrate diet Take 1.664
lactobacillus kefiri probiotics Take 1.664
garlic Take 1.664
neem herb Take 1.525
sucralose sugar Take 1.248
flaxseed Take 1.248
bifidobacterium longum probiotic Take 1.248
lactobacillus paracasei probiotics Take 1.109
lactobacillus casei probiotics Take 1.109
rosemary herb Avoid -1.109
pomegranate fruit Avoid -1.248
olive oil Avoid -1.248
rhubarb Avoid -1.248
candida albicans yeast Avoid -1.248
chrysanthemum morifolium herb Avoid -1.248
cocoa Avoid -1.248
high fat diet Avoid -1.525
oligosaccharide Avoid -1.664
mediterranean diet Avoid -1.664
magnesium supplements Avoid -1.664
soy Avoid -2.079
almonds Avoid -2.079
bifidobacterium animalis lactis probiotic Avoid -2.495
high fiber diet Avoid -2.495
vsl #3 probiotic mixture Avoid -2.495
resveratrol Avoid -2.634
beta-glucan foods Avoid -2.724
whole grains Avoid -2.773
inulin prebiotics Avoid -3.417
lactobacillus plantarum probiotics Avoid -3.466
arabinoxylan Avoid -3.466
barley Avoid -3.556
lactobacillus acidophilus probiotics Avoid -4.02
resistant starch Avoid -4.298
pulse / legumes Avoid -7.07

Their Food List


which goes on for several pages. Several items were listed which my analysis suggest should be avoided (barley, almonds, etc) My general impression is their customized for the individual food list is a general healthy living list with perhaps a few minor changes.

Bottom Line

I will be researching papaya, cauliflower, orange and bone broth on PubMed to see if there are studies. If they are, I will add them to our database.